Neri&Hu对建筑和室内设计的跨学科研究,图形和产品的设计是根植于环境的,从来不是公式化的或传统的,并且围绕着一个致力于创造有意义的形式的承诺。该工作室的作品在国际上获得了许多奖项,包括2009年的建筑记录“设计先锋”(Design Vanguard), 2010年建筑评论奖(Architecture Review), 2013年进入室内设计杂志《名人堂》(Hall of Fame),以及2014年的壁纸设计奖。

Neri&Hu’s interdisciplinary approach to architecture and interior, graphic and product design is rooted in context, never formulaic or conventional, and built around a commitment to creating forms with meaning. The studio’s work has earned a host of awards internationally, including placement on Architectural Record’s ‘Design Vanguard’ in 2009, Architectural Review’s Award for Emerging Architecture in 2010, induction into Interior Design magazine’s Hall of Fame in 2013, and the title of Wallpaper* Designer of the Year 2014.